What does it mean to have a Deep Life? Meditate on this image for a while. What do you see? How is each figure related to the ocean?

There are five figures in this image. Each one has a relationship with the ocean. Each relationship is good and valid. Yet, each one has a radically different relationship with the ocean.

One person stands on dry land and appreciates the beauty and vastness of the ocean’s surface. The other figures become increasingly immersed in the depths and mystery of all that the ocean holds.

What does it take to move from the surface to the depths?

  • It requires intentionality. You have to want to do it.
  • It requires instruction. You can’t just strap on scuba gear and go for it.
  • It requires immersion. You have to become very focused. You must slow down, pay attention, and focus on your breathing.

I wonder how much of this applies to our relationship with God, as we seek to live the Deep Life in this world.

What do you think?

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