We start a new worship series at Easter this week called A Deep Life. The series came out of a crisis moment. Our lead pastor resigned in the Spring, leaving the rest of the pastoral team wondering what we do next. We decided to focus this next year on one of our vision statements: We believe God is calling Easter to a deep life of prayer and worship.

Back in May, when we had no idea what the Vision Board would do, or what the next steps would be for our congregation, we knew that the most important thing we could offer our people is the tools and the opportunity to slow down and learn how to listen to God.

Now, at the beginning of the new school year, we have a wonderful interim lead pastor—Lamont Koerner—who will guide us through the discernment process. These next twelve weeks of worship will help us all focus on how to

  • connect with other people who desire a deeper relationship with God;
  • how to talk to God and, more importantly, listen to how God speaks to us through prayer;
  • how to connect with God, each other, and the world through meaningful worship; and
  • how to overflow God’s presence in our lives through a spirit of generosity.

I am very excited about this worship series. My plan is to post regularly about different aspects of A Deep Life. The broader term for this is Spirituality or Spiritual Formation. I invite you to follow along with me as I dig into this area in the coming weeks. Perhaps you can subscribe to my daily posts to keep in the loop. Share this post with others. Invite your friends to join us at Easter for this Worship Series.

Today, I invite you to browse my Spiritual Formation page. I continually update this resource with links to tools that will help you grow deeper in the love of God. I welcome any resources that you think might add to my library.

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