The Alive Series begins this week. It centers on the Holy Spirit. This is our summer worship series that follows Part IV of Brian McLaren’s book We Make the Road by Walking. He sums up this week’s chapter with these words:

Wind. Breath. Fire. Cloud. Water. Wine. A dove. When we open up space for the Spirit and let the Spirit fill that space within us, we begin to change, and we become agents of change. That’s why we pause in our journey to gather together around a table of fellowship and communion. Like the disciples in the upper room at Pentecost, we present ourselves to God. We become receptive for the fullness of the Spirit to fall upon us and well up within us, to blow like wind, glow like fire, flow like a river, fill like a cloud, and descend like a dove in and among us. So let us open our hearts. Let us dare believe that the Spirit that we read about in the Scriptures can move among us today, empowering us in our times so we can become agents in a global spiritual movement of justice, peace, and joy.

So, are we ready? Are we willing to die with Christ? Are we willing to let go ?

And are we willing to be buried with Christ? Are we willing to let be ?

And are we willing to rise with Christ? Can we inhale, open our emptiness, unlock that inner vacuum, for the Spirit to enter and fill—like wind, breath, fire, cloud, water, wine, and a dove? Are we willing to let come ?1

I invite you to visit my page on the Holy Spirit to find resources to dig deeply into the person and work of the spirit. Meditate on this image. I’d love to hear what you see in it and what you think it means.


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