God is about abundance, not scarcity. That is one of the key theological ideas that runs through our study of John’s Gospel. It came through clearly in the text from last weekend, John 2:1-11, where Jesus takes ordinary water and transforms it into extraordinary wine. Not only did Jesus rescue the host of the party from shame and scarcity, he lavished the best wine on the family to the point of overflowing.

Each day during our journey to Come and See Jesus in John this year we will have a daily reading schedule. This week’s reading can be found in the Grow Guide for this week. You can download the Grow Guide each week on the sermons page.

Today we look at Psalm 104:14-23. This poem paints a picture of God’s abundance. God provides food and shelter for every creature. Not only does God provide the basic sustenance, but also provides wine to “gladden the human heart.” It is not an accident that Jesus’ first sign takes place at a Wedding party and involves an abundance of wine. God creates this universe to be enjoyed. God made all things and said, “This is very good” (Genesis 1:31)

I invite you to take time to meditate on these words in the Psalm. Yes, we experience droughts and famine and valleys in our lives. Yes, we are bombarded with disconcerting news from our deeply divided political world. Too often we linger there and focus on the darkness.

Take a deep breath and meditate on the ways that God provides for you. Let the love of God overflow today, and help someone else get drunk on God’s love through the way you pour it out into their life.

on a technical note: I recently discovered an app called Adobe Spark Post. That is how I make these images with text and pictures. It is so easy to use and really helps enhance the text.

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