Yesterday was lots of fun. I was hired by Virginia Theological Seminary to take visual notes for the eFormation18 Conference. I got this gig because Lisa Kimball “happened” to sit next to me at the plenary session of the Religious Educators Association in 2016 and watched me take notes on my iPad.

This is the first time I’ve been the official graphic note taker for a conference. We hooked my iPad Pro to a video projector and projected my screen to the side wall. I took notes all day, during five 1.5 hour sessions. I learned a ton and the audience seemed to appreciate the images.

All the images were tweeted with #eform so you can get a sense of the total conference in that feed. Below are all the images. Enjoy!

Intro and Opening Prayer


Session 1: John Roberto

Session 2: Digital Literacy and/as Religious Leadership

Session 3: 21st Century Change for 21st Century Communities

Session 4: Managing Digital Fatigue

Keith Anderson

Evening Session: Preaching, Teaching, and Reaching the Learning Brain through Mind Brain Education (MBE)  Research

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