There is comfort in talking about brokenness. We all sense that things are broken, or messed up, in this world. How can we not after witnessing the senseless massacre in Las Vegas earlier this week. When we say it’s broken, then we can be assured that it isn’t supposed to be this way and we can hope for something better, or for someone to save us from this mess.

I know I often feel broken inside. Things in my life definitely have not gone the way I imagined them to go. Many times the path I’ve traveled has seemed more confusing and painful and the product of random chaos than the gentle leading of the Holy Spirit.

I’m pondering these things because I’m preaching this weekend on “Brokenness Happens, but God is Bigger.” I like that title, don’t get me wrong. However, as I was meditating on it this morning I realized how much our Western culture, influenced by Ancient Greek philosophy, shines through the assumptions behind this title.

See if you can follow the thought process of this visual meditation. Thoughts? Comments?

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