The Table happened again last night. This was our second week experimenting with this new style of worship on Wednesday nights. The theme was The Bible. It is our second week of the CORE series. One of our values at The Table is to be creative and interactive for all ages.

Here’s what we did:

I drew an image on my iPad based on the text John 1:10-14.

Then I traced the colors with a simple line.

Then I exported the image to Photoshop on my desktop, enlarged it to 48” x 96”, sliced it into 30 sections, labeled each swatch of color, exported each slice as a .jpg, brought each .jpg into an InDesign file, and printed each page onto 11×17 card stock. Each table had something like this sitting in the center at the beginning of the service.

The table groups colored in each section, like a paint by number, using some combination of marker, colored pencil, or glued-on construction paper. The cards also had a passage of scripture printed on the back. The groups read the passage and talked about it while coloring. Here’s a picture of the room at work.

They brought their panels up to the front during offering.

Here’s the final product.

Each table group encountered the Word of God in their own way and interpreted it within their own framework. Each encounter was real and authentic, yet it was different from the next table and incomplete. It was only when we all came together and shared our unique experiences that we could see the whole picture.

I think this is how the Word of God works in the world.

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