Our groups studying the book Renew Your Life by Kai Nilsen are underway! One group meets on Wednesday Evening and another group meets on Sunday Evening. Both groups are already engaging in deep and meaningful conversation.

This week we discussed the first renewable energy: Grace. Everything–life itself–is a gift from God. When we can reimagine life in those terms, it gives us space to breathe deeply and not let the cultural distortions of the pace of life, quick-fix mentality, and the seduction of more steal our energy.

The Essential Life Questions from this chapter centered around our image of God. Nilsen argues that our image of God directly affects our image of self and impacts our ability to love our self and love our neighbor.

I could not agree more. I have used this basic premise in much of my teaching at Grace in the last few years.

In fact, this idea is the first module in The Journey. I believe that we cannot set out on a journey of healthy spiritual growth until we reflect upon and have a healthy understanding of the stories that have shaped where we are right now. Here is one of the videos from The Journey that speaks directly to Nilsen’s essential life questions from this chapter.

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