Richard Rohr speaks a great deal about nondual thinking. His current series of daily meditations draws heavily on it. Read today’s post. Rohr says,

The dualistic mind is essentially binary, either/or thinking. It knows by comparison, opposition, and differentiation. It uses descriptive words like good/evil, pretty/ugly, smart/stupid, not realizing there may be a hundred degrees between the two ends of each spectrum. Dualistic thinking works well for the sake of simplification and conversation, but not for the sake of truth or the immense subtlety of actual personal experience. Most of us settle for quick and easy answers instead of any deep perception, which we leave to poets, philosophers, and prophets. Yet depth and breadth of perception should be the primary arena for all authentic religion. How else could we possibly search for God?

Nondual thinking is also core to my theological imagination and understanding of the missional church and missional leadership. Today I thought I would compile some resources that I have created over the past three years regarding dualism and nondual thinking. Enjoy.

This post, How Do We Navigate Between Opposite Extremes…and Survive? is my most comprehensive writing on dualism specifically.

Here is an early Thketch on the topic…

This recent Thketch deals with binary systems directly…

Finally, The Short Animated introduction to the Social Trinity demonstrates exactly what Rohr means by deconstructing the Modern dualistic mind.

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