I listened to a podcast this morning that really inspired me. First of all, if you haven’t checked out the ministry of Renovare, I invite you to do so. It is a deep well of refreshment for your soul.

I was deeply connected with renovare during my days at Central Christian Church and Bethel Seminary. Then, as I went through my migration through the Emergent conversation and then tried to figure out what it means to be in the ELCA, I drifted away from it.

In October, I had a significant conversation with an ELCA pastor who wondered if I knew anything about Renovare. She is the pastor of a large, suburban ELCA church and she values Renovare a great deal. She also wondered if I was familiar with Kai Nilsen. He is an ELCA pastor from Ohio and was on the board of Renovare, and now teaches in their institute, while serving as the lead pastor of a local congregation. I had the privilege to speak with Kai on the phone yesterday and plan to lead a group of people at Grace through his book Renew Your Life over the next few weeks.

So, back to today. This morning I listened to the podcast that featured Joe Davis. Joe is a Baptist minister in the UK and has made a series of short animated videos that introduce the six streams of spirituality in a fun, compelling way. Any time I see animation and spirituality come together, I get all giddy inside (yes, I said giddy).

Listen to the podcast here. I’ve embedded the first video below. You can watch all of them here. Enjoy!

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