Today I had the privilege to hang out with a few hundred religious educators in Pittsburgh, PA at the Religious Educators Association Annual Conference. These religious educators are from across the faith spectrum and around the world. The theme this year is centered around generating hope in the profession of religious education. All of the sessions have been engaging, thought-provoking, and hope-inspiring.

Here are my notes from the opening plenary session from president-elect Bert Roebben.

REA2016 Bert Roebben Plenary Session

The second plenary session offered autobiographical sketches from four religious educators.

  • Mualla Selcuk from Turkey (muslim)
  • Sarah Tauber from New York (Jewish)
  • Daniel Moulin from Englan (Roman Catholic)
  • Bernhardt Grümme from Germany (Roman Catholic)

Mualla and Sarah’s presentations especially touched me. Here are the notes I took while they spoke.

REA2016 Plenary Session 2

One highlight for me when was when I decided to tag along on the sight-seeing expedition over the lunch break. I was the last one on the shuttle, and when I plopped down in the seat, who was there? Kieran Scott. I just posted about him last week. He was wonderfully gracious and has a cool Irish accent!

I got to interact with scholars and educators from Boston College, Brigham Young University, Fordham University, and a sister from Nigeria.

More stories to come. It was a great first day.

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