I’m not sure why I wept as I watched this video. Perhaps it is because I preached the funeral of a 19-year old young man yesterday and my heart is torn open and I’m raw. Perhaps it is because I just said goodbye to my 21-year old daughter who visited for the funeral and I won’t see her again until July. Perhaps it is because I see my father in Eugene Peterson. Perhaps it is because I am about to preach on 1 Corinthians 13 (and I haven’t actually written anything yet, note the time stamp). Perhaps it made me reflect on the violence in the world and the desperate need for vulnerability, art, honesty, and the deep love that God has for this world. Perhaps it is all of these things, and the fact that I just happened to notice it on Facebook when I was about to work on my sermon.

Thank you to Fuller Studio for creating such a wonderful film. Please enjoy.

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