We have been using Adam Hamilton’s video series The Way: Walking in the Footstep of Jesus for our Lenten Wednesday services this year. It’s a great series in which Hamilton teaches on location in Israel. Each session focuses on a different geographical/geological aspect of the country and how it relates to Jesus’ life and teaching.

The video for yesterday centered on the Sea of Galilee. That gave me an idea for something that I’ve wanted to do for a long time. I looked up the Sea of Galilee on my Maps app on the iPad, took a screen shot, then looked up Mille Lacs in Minnesota at the same scale. Then I did the same with a map that showed the distance between the Sea of Galilee and Jerusalem compared to the distance between Mille Lacs and Minneapolis (I’m the blue dot BTW). I brought those images into the Procreate app and combined them to show the size comparison. Enjoy…

Sea of Galilee and Mille Lacs

The Sea of Galilee fits inside Mille Lacs in Minnesota.

Sea of Galilee and Mille Lacs in context

The distance from Galilee to Jerusalem is similar to the distance from Mille Lacs to Minneapolis.

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