The Journey readings for this month are from my favorite section of the entire Bible. It is the intimate conversation Jesus has with his disciples on the night he is betrayed and arrested. It starts in chapter 13 where Jesus washes the disciples’ feet as a living example of what they are called to do for the world.

Today’s reading, John 14:1-10, introduces a key word for understanding this whole text, and for understanding missional theology. The word is dwell. Notice how Jesus plays with this word. First, he tells the disciples that he is going to his Father’s house where there are many dwelling places. But then, after he is questioned about how to get to the Father, where does he say the Father dwells? The Father dwells in Jesus.

The dwelling of God is not a physical place. It’s not a big mansion in the sky in the great by-and-by. The dwelling of God is the interrelationships of all things. We will see this play out in chapters 14-17.

Read this post to get a framework for how I see this passage as a guide for how we are called to dwell in the world as the people of God. This is what I mean by missional theology.


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