The Kingdom of God is at HandHappy New Year Devo Readers! I am very pleased to announce that we will read through the Gospel of Mark this season. Here’s my challenge:

  1. Read the Gospel of Mark as many times as you can between now and Ash Wednesday. Read it in multiple translations. Hint: when you use the resource, you can choose from many different translations. It’s really nice.
  2. Follow along with the reading schedule below. I hesitate to call this a daily reading schedule, because there are some weeks when we move from one passage directly to the next passage from one weekend to the next. That leaves no inbetween readings. Other weeks have plenty of space. So, I’ve mapped out some chunks of Mark and I will try to write some devos on them as the season progresses. Stay subscribed!
  3. I am offering an online course/discussion group at Grace Learning Center to allow people to access resources and discussion for the reading experience. Check out the course here.

Here is the map for the reading:

(The Main dates are the Narrative Lectionary Sermon Texts for that weekend)

Jan. 10 | Mark 1:1-20 | Baptism of Jesus

Jan. 11-16 daily readings

Mark 1:21-34 Jesus Heals
Mark 1:35-2:12 More Healing
Mark 2:13-28 Jesus calls Levi
Mark 3:1-12 The healing gathers a crowd
Mark 3:13-35 Jesus’ disciples and true family

Jan. 17 | Mark 4:1-34 The Parables of the Soils and Mustard Seed

Jan. 18-23 daily readings

Mark 4:35-41 Jesus stills a storm
Mark 5:1-20 Jesus heals the Demoniac

Jan. 24 | Mark 5:21-43 – Jesus heals Jairus’ daughter and the woman with the flow of blood.

Jan. 31 | Mark 6:1-29 – Jesus is rejected at Nazareth; the sending of the Twelve; and the death of John the Baptist.

Feb. 1 – 6 daily readings

Mark 6:30-44 Jesus Feeds 5,000
Mark 6:45-56 Jesus walks on water
Mark 7:1-23 The Tradition of the Elders
Mark 7:24-37 Healings
Mark 8:1-26 Jesus Feeds 4,000

Feb. 7 | Mark 8:27-9:8 – the Transfiguration.

Feb. 8-13 daily readings

Mark 9:9-13 The Coming of Elijah
Mark 9:14-29 Healing of a Boy with a Spirit
Mark 9:30-37 Who is the Greatest?
Mark 9:38-50 Temptations to Sin
Mark 10:1-16 Jesus Blesses the Children

Feb. 10 | Ash Wednesday | Mark 9:30-37 – Passion prediction, debate about who is the greatest, and the call to become a servant.

Feb. 14 | Mark 10:17-31 – The rich man is called to see all he has and follow Jesus.

Feb. 21 | Mark 10:32-52 Passion prediction, the Son of Man came not to be served, but to serve, and the healing of blind Bartimaeus.

Feb. 22-27 daily readings

Mark 11:1-33

Feb. 28 | Mark 12:1-12 – The Parable of the Wicked Tenants

Feb. 29-Feb. 5 daily readings

Mark 12:13-27

March 6 | Mark 12:28-44 – Jesus gives the Great Commandment; warns against scribes; and contrasts the poor widow who gives all she has.

March 13 | Mark 13:1-8, 24-37 – The call of the age; call to be watchful.

March 20 | Mark 11:1-11 – The triumphal Entry

inbetween/Passion Week

Mark 13:9-23 The Desolating Sacrilege
Mark 13:24-37 The Necessity for Watchfulness
Mark 14:1-11 A Woman Annoints Jesus
Mark 14:12-72 The Last Supper and Jesus’ arrest
Mark 15:1-47 Jesus Dies

Maundy Thursday | Mark 14:22-42 – The words of Institution; Peter’s denial foretold; prayer in Gethsemane.

Good Friday | Mark 15:16-39 – Jesus is mocked and crucified and wonders whether God has forsaken him.

March 27 | Easter | Mark 16:1-8 – The women flees the empty tomb filled with great fear.


Mark 16:9-20


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