There is great irony in today’s reading for the Journey. In John 6:1-15 Jesus feeds the 5,000 people. They were hungry and angry at the current political situation for letting them be hungry. That means they were also hungry for a new leader who would get rid of the Roman oppressors and the puppet king who let the Greeks and Romans pollute their countryside.

When the crowd saw that Jesus had the power to multiply a small lunch of bread and fish to meet their needs, they had an idea.

“Let’s get him and force him to be our king!”

Jesus wasn’t really into that, so he quietly slipped out the back door before they could grab him.

Isn’t that ironic? They wanted to use force to make Jesus their King who would then use force to get rid of the people/leaders they didn’t like. Jesus had a different path to take.

Unfortunately, we do that to Jesus all the time. We manipulate the Prince of Peace and use him as a blunt force weapon to beat people over the head, so that they will conform to our interpretation of what the Kingdom of Heaven is all about.

Sometimes I wonder if Jesus has slipped out the back door of much of our Christianity. What do you think?

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