Dr. Keifert and Dr. Jacobson’s course Law and Gospel at Luther Seminary continues to be a life-giving experience for me. I feel very privileged to be the the T.A. for this course. I missed the second session, but here are the notes I took from the last two weeks: sessions three and four. Session three was on the first use of the Law. Session four was on the second use of the Law. The basic argument is that there is only one word (hebrew word dabar) that is both law and Gospel/Promise. God is pure action that continually speaks creation into being and works to create a trustworthy world in, with, under, against, and for all things. Law is the language in which God speaks creation. Good stuff.

I was especially moved and encouraged by the way in which Rolf and Pat authentically entered into conversation during session three. Rolf presented and argument. Pat pushed back and challenged the assumption behind the argument while whole-heartedly agreeing with the ensuing statement. They discussed/debated it openly in front of the class and demonstrated what a true discourse covered with the Gospel (humility and seeking the good of the other) can look like–even in academia!

first use of law p1

first use of law p2

first use of law p3

first use of law p4

second use of law p1

second use of law p2

second use of law p3

second use of law p4

My iPad ran out of battery toward the end of the class. I thought I could begin with <40%. Not a good choice.

Until next week…


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