Today’s story: Genesis 28:10-22

The lying, cheating Jacob is running for his life. He just stole his brother’s blessing and is trying to save his own skin. If you were God, what would you do to and with Jacob at this point?

God does something amazing. First, God connects with Jacob in Jacob’s space, right where he is. Second, God does not condemn Jacob. Rather, God reminds Jacob of the promise God made to Abraham and Isaac that will be carried out through Jacob.

We must keep in mind that the original audience for this story was the nation of Israel that had just spent 70 years in exile in Babylon. They were returning to their decimated homeland and needed the reassurance that God was with them and for them. That is the heartbeat of today’s story.

Here are three simple observations from this story that might encourage you today:

  1. God is always faithful to God’s promise, no matter how unfaithful we are. That doesn’t mean we can and should do whatever we want. It is a reminder of God’s faithfulness that should inspire us to be faithful people.
  2. God meets us where we are. Jacob was on the run and in an unknown place and God showed up in that place. God pursues us.
  3. Wherever God shows up is a sacred place: the house of God. That means that every place you go throughout your life has the potential to be holy ground. Treat it that way.

    May you walk through your day knowing that God is working in you, with you, and for you to keep God’s promises for the world. Walk in the way of Bethel today.

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