Today’s Story: Genesis 27:1-45.

The name Jacob means heel or deceiver. Jacob was born grabbing the heel of his twin brother Esau and the boys wrestled for power throughout their lives. Esau was the big, strong “man’s man” who loved hunting and being outdoors. Jacob was smooth skinned and preferred to stay inside and cook. They couldn’t be more different.

Today’s story does not offer much hope for us. It is one of those stories that sets up the plot to establish just how far down the path of treachery and deceit that main character will go before things get better. Yesterday we saw that Jacob convinced the famished Esau to sell his birthright for a pot of stew. That was sneaky, but Esau was as much to blame for it as Jacob. Today, however, Jacob sinks to a new low. He, at the coaxing of his mother, sinks into pure deception. He lies to his father and steals Esau’s blessing.

The key point to remember from today’s story is one that will help this weekend’s message have more power. Esau had every right to want to kill Jacob. The bitterness that grew between these brothers was now more than simple sibling rivalry. Esau’s anger was based on Jacob’s treachery. How could he ever forgive him for such a thing?

Spend some time today asking yourself a tough question. Have you done things to other people that have hurt them? What do you do with that? Do you try to sweep it under the rug or blame someone else? Or, do you, like Jacob, run away from the situation and hope you never see that person again?

Ask God to show you how you can make amends, before it is too late. Don’t be a heel. Make things right.

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