Brian McLaren gave the plenary presentation last night at the Minneapolis Area Synod Assembly. Our theme this year is from The Message version of John 1, “and God became flesh…and moved into the neighborhood.” McLaren did a nice theological reflection on the Logos. He said it is like the inner logic, or the operating system of the universe. Heraclitus, the ancient Greek philosopher said that the Logos is War and Strife. John offered an alternative Logos in which God becomes flesh and moves into the neighborhood. God now has “skin in the game” and seeks to redeem and renew all things through life-giving peace.

Here is my sketch that depicts the things that captured my imagination. I especially loved how he contrasted the blood appeasement of the Temple system where blood is spilled over stone with the Wedding in Cana where the water is turned into wine in the stone jars. God, through the flesh of Jesus, spilled his own blood, so that the blood of Jesus could go into us and we could be the body of God in the earth to bring healing and wholeness.

From Brian Mclaren's plenary presentation at the Minneapolis Area Synod Assembly 2015

From Brian McLaren’s plenary presentation at the Minneapolis Area Synod Assembly 2015

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