Thursday, May 7. Romans 3:21-31.

Do you have enough Faith? I used to worry about this question. What if i don’t trust God enough? What if I doubt?

The tricky question from today’s passage is this: who’s faith saves us? I used to think it was all up to me to believe in Jesus in order to be saved. As I have continued to reflect on God and this passage, I’ve noticed something. Paul talks more about God’s Faith than ours. That’s what he means when he says “God’s righteousness.” God made a promise to Abraham that God would bless all nations. God is faithful to God’s promises. That faithfulness was demonstrated through Jesus.

The point Paul is trying to make is that God’s faithfulness is to ALL people, not just to the Jews. And, God’s salvation is a gift to ALL people.

So, where does our faith come in this equation? We are continually invited to respond with faithfulness to God, to our fellow humans, and to all creation out of gratitude for God’s faithful gift. We’ll learn later on that we can only do this through the power of the Holy Spirit. Yes, we have a part to play in this beautiful dance of salvation, but God leads!

Give thanks today for God’s faithfulness to God’s promise.

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