Wednesday, April 29. Acts 13:26-35.

Why do you follow Jesus? What is it that makes Jesus so special that you would call him Lord and claim to be his disciple? Is it because he offered good, moral teaching? Is it because he did amazing miracles? Is it because he had really good hair (at least he always does in the movies)?

These things are good and true about Jesus (I don’t know about the hair part), but they aren’t the reason we follow him. There have been lots of good teachers who have done amazing things over the years.

Our reading today reminds us of the main thing that is special about Jesus: the resurrection. If Jesus hadn’t come back from the dead, then he would just be another good teacher.

Today we continue with the second part of a three-part sermon that Paul gave to the synagogue in Pisidian Antioch. Yesterday, he traced the history of Israel and showed how God had been bringing salvation to the people all along the way, and had been pointing to the coming Messiah. Today he tells the people that Jesus has fulfilled the scripture by rising from the dead.

Tomorrow he will tell us why this is so important. Spend some time today thinking about the Easter Restart. Jesus rose from the dead to conquer sin and death. God makes all things new. He is risen! He is risen indeed. Alleluia!


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