My thesis advisor returned the third revision of my dissertation  to me last Saturday. She said I had two options. (1) If I am really tired of working on this paper, then I should turn it in. In her opinion it is defensible and should pass. (That’s good news) (2) If I want it to be “publishable” then I should rethink my final chapter and try to make it “sparkle.”

I asked her what “publishable” meant. After all, who really wants to read a dissertation, right? She said that, essentially, it means, “We can’t think of any way to make it better.”

Since my window of opportunity to graduate this May has already closed, I decided to take a little more time to work on it. A new thought came to me on my walk this week and I spent all day writing it yesterday (19 pages). I sent her the rough, rough draft of it and am curious to know if it makes any sense.

The adventure continues…

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