Wednesday, April 8. Acts 1:12-26.

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Life is full of choices. Every parent’s hope (and fear) for their children is that they would make good choices. Hopefully it is fairly easy to figure out what the good choices are compared to the bad choices: no drugs vs. drugs; staying in school vs. dropping out; being truthful vs. lying; the Vikings vs. the Packers (OK, maybe not the last one).

In today’s reading, however, we see that the disciples are faced with a different kind of choice that can often be more difficult. They had to make a choice between two good options. They needed to replace Judas (remember, he betrayed Jesus and then took his own life). There were two good candidates: Joseph and Matthias. Both were equally qualified in every way. But, there can be only one (cue the Highlander theme song).

Have you ever been in that situation? Should you go on the summer mission trip or go to camp? Should you spend time with your ailing grandmother or go on the retreat? Should you take job A or job B?

How do we choose?

What did Peter do? He flipped a coin (well, he cast lots, but it’s the same thing). That doesn’t sound very spiritual, does it?

Here’s a lesson we can learn from this story. There is a great amount of freedom in God’s will. Some people think that God has everything perfectly planned out in our lives and, if we make the wrong decision, we will “stray from God’s will.” That’s a lot of pressure! I think that God gives us freedom and, in the case of two good options, there really isn’t a right and wrong choice. So, sometimes flipping a coin is the best way to make the decision.

If you are trying to make a choice today, between two good options, take a breath. If both options are good, then just pick one and go. It’s all good.

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