imageIt is Holy Saturday. This is the day the disciples waited in fear. Of course, they did not know how long they would wait, or what exactly it was for which they waited. My guess is that many of them were waiting for the guards to barge into the house and arrest them.

Jesus was dead. Hope seemed lost.

Today I wait as well. I turned in the third draft of my dissertation yesterday. I turned the first draft in on January 17. Looking back at that one, it really was a stinker. I revised and rewrote, met with two of my panel members on February 17 and was told that it still wasn’t ready, so I continued to deconstruct, write new material, and reorganize.

I turned the second draft in to my advisor last Saturday. The new draft had seven chapters instead of four. I did a much better job of describing and analyzing the research data. But, there was still too many weeds. It wasn’t quite tight enough. My advisor came back on Monday and said, “You’re so close…” She gave me a couple more tips and I have been rewriting specific sections all week.

I’ve been writing this paper since last July. Ten months.

I turned in the third draft yesterday morning. It is Holy Week, so my advisor is non-responsive until Monday. So, I wait. Will the dissertation come to life this time? We’ll see.

For now, we engage in Holy Saturday. Tonight I will lead the Easter Vigil at church. Tomorrow we celebrate God’s Holy Restart on Easter morning.

In this moment, on Saturday morning…we wait.

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