Wednesday April 1. Matthew 27:15-26.

Daily-Devo-IconHave you ever had to make a tough choice? On the one hand there is the option that you know is right. On the other hand is the option that the “crowd” is pressuring you to choose. If you do the right thing then everyone will turn against you. If you do what the crowd wants, then you will betray your own conscience and have to live with that for the rest of your life. What do you do? What have you done? How did that go for you?

Governor Pilate was in that kind of situation. The Emperor of Rome had sent him to Jerusalem to keep the people from rioting. Jerusalem and Judea had been a trouble spot since the day the Empire conquered it. The Jews were constantly revolting and trying to break free from Rome. The Emperor told Pilate that if there was one more riot then he would be the one who is crucified.

Now the people want him to crucify an innocent man, or they will riot. Pilate knew that Jesus had done nothing that deserves execution. Pilate’s wife even had a dream that warned her to not harm Jesus.

Which voice did Pilate obey? Which side did he choose? He let the pressure of the crowd, and the fear of getting in trouble with his boss, persuade him to deny his conscience and ignore his wife.

So Jesus was turned over to be crucified…

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