Friday, March 27. Matthew 26:6-13.


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How would you feel if you came to someone’s house and they brought out the special China, just for you? What would they be trying to tell you? They must think you are special.

That is kind of what the woman did for Jesus in this story. Instead of bringing out the special China plates, she brought out the alabaster jar of perfumed oil. It was no ordinary oil. It was some of the most expensive perfume that a person could buy. The fragrance was so special that it had to be completely sealed in an alabaster jar. Alabaster is a pure white mineral that was used, like clay, to make pots, jars, and vessels. The oil was sealed tight in this jar, and, once it was broken open, it had to be used all at once. It was an all-in commitment to break open this jar.

Why did the woman do this? The Bible doesn’t tell us, exactly. I think there are two reasons. First, she absolutely loved Jesus and wanted to give him the best that she had to offer. Second, Jesus gives us a clue that this was a foreshadowing of his death. It is as if she was anointing him for burial.

Jesus went all-in for us. He broke open his life and spilled it out for us, so that we could have life. Would we be willing to do that for him? Meditate on this special woman today. Are you ready to be broken and spilled out for Jesus?

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