Friday, March 20. Matthew 23:37-39.

Daily-Devo-IconThere is nothing that breaks a parent’s heart more than watching a child suffer the natural consequences of poor choices. We can teach the child, model good habits for her, warn him, but, in the end, the child makes his own decisions, and the parent watches it play out.

Today we see Jesus lament over the city of Jerusalem. He looks through the eyes of a mother with a broken heart. The city stood strong, and Herod’s golden temple gleamed in the sunlight. Everyone in the city was full of hope that the Messiah would restore them to the glory of David and Solomon. Some people even thought Jesus would be the one to do it. But, Jesus saw beyond that facade. He saw what was coming. He saw the day when the Roman Empire would invade that precious city and destroy it. They would swoop in like a bulldozer and level that gleaming temple to a pile of rubble and leave everything in a heap of burning ashes.

Here’s the thing to remember. This does not bring joy or gratitude to God. It is not God’s will that any should perish. God wants to rescue us from our own poor choices, and God always offers us a way out. Let’s not ignore the loving invitation of God.

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