Friday, March 5. Matthew 18:10-14.

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Have you ever picked up a deck of cards to play a game only to discover that there is a card missing from the deck? That is frustrating, because you can’t really play the game without all the cards. If you’re like me, you would probably spend some time looking for the missing card.

Now imagine that you are a shepherd and you have a flock of sheep. These sheep are your livelihood. They are incredibly important to you. Then one sheep wanders off and goes missing. What do you do? Would you just cut your losses and move on? No way. You would hunt for that lost sheep until you found her.

Today’s reading follows the passage I preached about on Ash Wednesday. In that sermon I said that God was like the mama bear that would bite your face off if you messed with one of her cubs. That’s how much God loves everyone, even the “least of these.” This parable changes the metaphor to a shepherd and sheep. Same message. God loves everyone, even the “lost sheep.”

Each one of us are worth so much more to God than sheep. Every single person–no matter how rich or poor, famous or unknown, black or white, here or there–is important and loved by God. It is God’s will that NONE should be lost.

Know that you are loved and pursued by God today.

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