Tuesday, February 24. Matthew 13:24-43.

Daily-Devo-IconI once heard a wise pastor say, “If you are looking for the perfect church, and you find one, don’t join it. Because if you join it, then it won’t be perfect anymore.” Ouch.

The fact is that there are no perfect churches, and there are no perfect people. Every church, and every person, is a mixture of good and evil. We are all works-in-progress.

The religious leaders in Jesus’ day were preoccupied with weeding out all the “sinners” from the church. I call it RWS (Rabid Weeding Syndrome). Jesus told this parable about the wheat and the weeds to counteract RWS. The point of the parable is that there is only one judge: God. Leave the weeding to the Farmer.

The two little parables tucked in between the weed parable remind us that the Kingdom of Heaven starts small and mysterious, but it will eventually change the world. We just have to wait, trust God, focus on being a follower of Jesus, loving others, and NOT foaming at the mouth with RWS.

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