I’ve been in suspended animation for the last three weeks. I sent a draft of the dissertation to my advisor on January 17. I honestly had no idea if it was any good at all (this is my first rodeo, remember). Every day I’ve been beating back the debate in my head, “is it finished, or do I have to rewrite it?” That is torture for a high “J” on the Myers-Briggs who has to plan out every moment of his day. Can I move forward with the ministry work, or am I still in writing mode?

Well, the verdict is in. Her opening words:

You’ve got the fundamentals of your dissertation here now. Good work! But you’ve got a lot of work to do in refining and re-organizing…I think you’re close, overall, but I do not yet think this is ready to be finalized.

Deep breath.

Fortunately, I had scheduled a week of vacation, starting tomorrow. Looks like my vacation just turned into a revisioning week.

I am so thankful for an advisor who cares deeply about this work and has given such careful feedback. I’m looking forward to this final leg of the journey.

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