Daily-Devo-IconThursday, February 5. Matthew 8:18-27.

How would you describe our suburban lifestyle? There are many answers to that question, of course. One thing that most of us could say, especially if you are the typical high school student, is that we are BUSY people.

There is always something to do. Most of the time there are always too many things to do, and too many good choices from which to choose. “Hey, would you like to do something today?” a friend might ask. “No, I can’t. I’m swamped with homework, practice, and house chores. Maybe next time.”

How often do we say that to God? I’ll take time to pray next week. I’ll get together with my small group next week, maybe. I’ll serve on that team another time.

That’s what is going on in our reading today. The would-be disciples had something else to do when they were asked to follow Jesus, and they turned away. The disciples were literally swamped by a storm while they were in the boat, and they were terrified, and thought Jesus didn’t care.

Here’s the lesson today. Jesus cuts through all the storms and shows us what is real about life. Jesus didn’t have a house, or worry about having stuff. Jesus didn’t let storms rattle him. He was confident in who he was and why he was here: and it calmed him and everyone around him.

Today, remember that you are a child of God. You are not defined by the stuff you have, or how many activities you are doing. Our purpose is to know and share the love of God. If we take time for that, then we will never be too swamped.

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