Wednesday, January 14, Isaiah 11:1-9



This passage from Isaiah is a prophecy of what the world will be like when the Messiah comes and the fruit of his reign grows in the world. It is a picture of peace. Imagine a world where natural enemies live in peace and without fear of killing each other. That is how the world is supposed to be.

Our main text this week is Matthew 3:1-17. John the Baptist asks the religious leaders where their fruit is. Israel is the vine of God that was supposed to bear the fruit of blessing and peace for the nations, but their vine was barren, fruitless.

God is a good gardener, so he prunes the vine until something grows that will produce the fruit of blessing and peace. Jesus is the new branch that grows up out of the extremely pruned vine of Israel. He brings peace, justice, and righteousness. Those of us who follow Jesus are called to bear that fruit in our lives as well.

How peaceful is your life today? Are you the kind of person that likes to stir things up with gossip or meddling? Or, are you the person that brings calm, even in the midst of chaos. Pray that the Spirit of God would prune away your desire to win a fight, or get ahead of others, and that the fruit of love and peace would grow fresh and sweet through you today.

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