BibleManiaLogo01It’s crunch week for Bible Mania. This Saturday I will present a six-hour workshop/experience called Bible Mania where I will lead a group of people through the big story of the Bible from beginning to end. It is like a post-Evangelical, missional, neo-Lutheran version of the Walk Thru the Bible event that I attended and hosted a few decades ago.

I’ve taught the Bible A-Z class for years. Bible Mania is basically a one-day version of that class. However, I’m rolling out two new pieces with Bible Mania. First, the opening session is called “The Story of Five Bibles.” I will use five Bibles that I own to mark the significant eras of my theological life and ministry. This will be a narrative way to introduce the Fundamentalist, Evangelical, and Lutheran perspectives on scripture (since I have lived in all three of these tribes throughout my life).

Second, I am going to experiment with a session called “Three pictures of God and the Universe.” This will discuss, what I think, are the three major frames in which people in the West operate. The first is a transcendent view of God, which is dualism. The second is an immanent view of God, which is a spiritual monism. The third is a secular view where there is no God, which is material monism. These frames impact how an individual views reality, and, more specifically for the purposes of Bible Mania, how he or she views scripture. I will use this piece to propose that the social/entangled Trinitarian understanding of God affirms each frame as intuitively correct, but dangerously incomplete, and offers a peaceful bridge between them through communicative action. This will be a direct connection to my research in Deep in the Burbs and, I hope, will provide good  grist for data within the Research Team. Of course, I won’t use that language, but will communicate it with cartoons and accessible language…I hope.

The rest of this week will be spent in final preparation for the event. If you are in the Twin Cities area, I hope you can join us. learn more…

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