I reached a way-point on my research project today. I finished transcribing the most recent team session audio file (it was 46 pages long). All of the emails, online comments, and transcripts are up-to-date and placed in NVivo. I will not have to transcribe audio files again until November when the team has its final two sessions. My task between now and then is to process through all the qualitative data to such a degree that I can enter into our final two sessions with informed and helpful questions for the group.

I want to say two things about the data. First, it is beautiful. I have not read it all, but what I have read has already changed me as a person and a theologian. I cannot wait to spend the next six weeks truly digesting all the rich content that this team has produced.

Secondly, I have to be honest and say, “HOLY COW! THERE’S A LOT OF DATA!” The following image provides a reality check for the amount of qualitative data that I must process between now and November 10.

Screen Shot 2014-09-18 at 11.33.33 AM

and counting…

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