Which gospelIn Today’s reading from Ruth 3:14-18, we see that Boaz heaps generosity on Ruth and gives her all the grain she could have imagined. This was just a taste of the way that he would provide for her for the rest of her life.

This got me to thinking about how the three characters in this story each represent a different kind of person and the needs that each kind of person brings to God.

Naomi was bitter and felt God abandoned her. She needed encouragement and a demonstration that God is faithful.

Ruth was a foreigner. She was different and most people did not accept her. She needed to know that God’s love includes everyone and that all are welcome.

Boaz was wealthy and had everything he needed. He needed to remember that all he had was a gift from God to be used to help those who could not help themselves.

I wonder. Which of those people do you most feel like today? Have you had lots of bad things happen in your life and you wonder if God even exists? Are you different from most people and wonder if God would even accept you? Or, do you have everything that people would want and are tempted to think that you deserve it because you are better than everyone else and want to keep it all for yourself?

The Gospel looks different for each person, but the one thing that it has in common is that it needs real people to be expressed. The bitter skeptic needs to witness God’s faithfulness in the life of a real person. The outsider needs to be accepted by real people. The wealthy person needs to be generous with real people.

God works in, with, and through all of us to be the good news—the Gospel—to everyone to bring us all what we need in order to be free.

Which Gospel do you need today?

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