Do you have any heroes? They may be sports heroes, political heroes, personal heroes. All heroes have two things in common. First, they save people. That’s what heroes do, right? A sports hero saves a team from losing. A political hero saves a nation from dying. A personal hero saves a person from drowning.

The second thing that heroes have in common is that they have a back story. We love to read the stories or watch documentaries about a hero’s origin. Where were they born? What were their parents like? What challenges shaped them?

This week we will discover that the book of Ruth is actually one of those hero back-stories. The greatest hero of the people of Israel was King David. He was the Messiah—the Anointed One—who saved the tribes from civil war and united them into one nation. Ruth and Boaz were David’s great-grandparents. Their story of faithfulness and integrity, in the middle of the unfaithfulness and lawlessness during the time of the Judges, helps the nation of Israel understand why David was such an amazing hero.

Today, 3,000 years after David lived, we celebrate another hero—another Messiah—who was even greater than his great, great, great grandfather, David. We celebrate Jesus.

This week, in worship, we will conclude our mini-series on the Story of Ruth and see how it foreshadows, and tells the back story, of the greatest hero of them all. The one who saves us from sin and death. Jesus.

Come celebrate with us.

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