This is going to be a big week. Last night we held our second of six Deep in the Burbs Research Team meetings. Those are going very well. I’m exicited to see where this research leads.

Tomorrow night I am scheduled to preach for our Ash Wednesday service. Our theme this Lent is The Broken Journey. The text is John 8:1-11–The Woman Caught in Adultery–along with Psalm 51:3-9, Psalm 103:8-12, and Joel 2:12-17. All of these passages have to do with sin, confession, repentance, and forgiveness. This is the Broken Journey. We begin the journey in the ashes of a broken life. Jesus enters our brokenness, walks the path beside us, endures the pain with us and for us, and then gives us the hope of new life in the light of God’s grace and forgiveness.

I am also scheduled to preach this weekend. The text there is John 10:1-18–the Raising of Lazarus. This story is the foreshadowing at the beginning of the Broken Journey. All seems lost for Mary and Martha when their beloved brother dies. Jesus seems uncaring as he waits too long to heal him from sickness. Jesus enters Bethany, just outside of Jerusalem, and raises his friend from the dead. This demonstrates the purpose of the the Broken Journey he is about to take. Jesus will die, and Jerusalem/Israel/the World is dead in sin, hatred, and violence. Jesus will enter that darkness and bring the light of hope on Easter.

I pray that God will give me the strength and wisdom to manage these three tasks, plus a lot of family responsibilities this week. It is a Broken Journey, but a good one as well.

Further up, and further in!

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