deepintheburbslogoWidgetOne week from tomorrow it actually happens. I’ve been thinking about and planning for this moment for almost two years. On Monday, February 24, I will meet with a group of people from Grace (my church), Faith Lutheran in Coon Rapids, and Zion Lutheran in Anoka. We will spend the next six Monday nights engaged in an Action Research Project around the topic of spiritual formation in the suburbs.

You can learn more about the project here.

This research will form the heart of my Dissertation for the PhD in Congregational Mission and Leadership at Luther Seminary. What I’m really interested about in this study is whether a discussion about the Trinity will have any impact on how people think about and practice spiritual formation.

It has been an interesting, and challenging, process to recruit people from congregations that have no idea who I am. Quite honestly, it has been tough. Of course it has. Why would anyone invest so much time into a project they know nothing–and, understandably, care nothing–about to help a person that they don’t know. I get that.

I am extremely grateful for those who have joined the team. I believe the Holy Spirit has gathered this team, and I trust that the conversation will be fruitful.

There is still time, if you would like to join! Please pray that these sessions will go well.

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