DeKruyter, Arthur H., and Quentin J. Schultze. The Suburban Church: Practical Advice for Authentic Ministry. 1st ed. Louisville, KY: Westminster John Knox Press, 2008.

The Author

DeKruyterArther DeKruyter

Founding pastor of Christ Church in Oak Brook, IL.



DeKruyter offers a case study of how he started with the calling from five couples in the suburban Oak Brook Village, to watch the the Holy Spirit grow a dynamic suburban ministry. I appreciated his humble and practical approach to contextual ministry. He resists the universalizing and stereotyping tendencies to speak of suburbia as a homogenous people group. All suburbs are unique places, just like every place, and require the attentiveness of missional leaders to discern what the Spirit is doing in that place and how to serve the community and draw people into the worship of God.

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