This weekend I will be preaching on Luke 4:14-30. This is the passage the Luke uses as his thesis statement for the whole gospel. It is “Jesus in a nutshell.” The key word is “Freedom.” Jesus’ ministry is to set the captive free. The question for us 21st century, suburbanites is this, “free from what?”
Can you complete one or both of these sentences? “Jesus set me free from…” and/or “Jesus set me free to be…”

Here is the intro I wrote for Grace at a Glance:
“Give me liberty, or give me death!” That was the battle cry proclaimed by Patrick Henry that won the hearts of the American colonists and swung the tide to ignite the American Revolution. Liberty, freedom, justice for all. These are deepset American ideals.

These ideals were not born with the United States, though. Centuries before our uprising another revolutionary leader stood before his people and declared a vision of liberty and justice for all. Jesus, in Luke 4:16-19, launched his ministry by declaring to his hometown synagogue that he was anointed by God to “bring good news to the poor, proclaim LIBERTY to the captives, recovery of sight to the blind, and to LIBERATE the oppressed.”

Liberty. Freedom. Deliverance, Forgiveness. These are all the same word that Jesus preached that day. Freedom. To be free implies that at one time you were in bondage to something.

The big question for us this weekend is two-fold: From what has Jesus set you/us free, and from what do you still need Jesus to set you/us free? Join us this weekend as we launch this series and catch the vision of Jesus’ unexpected Kingdom.

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