This Sunday I have an interesting task in preaching. I must address the first Sunday of Advent while preaching the story of Daniel in the Lion’s Den from Daniel 6:6-27.

Advent is all about waiting. The problem is that we, in the suburban, middle-class, USA, HATE TO WAIT for anything. We are addicted to instant everything: TV on demand, instant microwaved food, Hi-Speed internet with Google Apps at our fingertips. We have such a hard time waiting that now we start Black Friday on Thursday Evening!

Here’s where I could use your help. Can you answer two questions for me?

  1. Do you hate to wait?
  2. When does waiting drive you crazy? (stories would be nice)

either post your answers on Facebook or Tweet #Hate2Wait

This Sunday we’ll explore lessons we can learn from Daniel’s life about how to wait for God, even when it seems impossible.

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