The study of spirituality Philip Sheldrake – Annotated

This article explores the relationship between the academic study of Spirituality with that of Theology.

“This suggests that spirituality has a unique capacity to integrate the multiple disciplines of theology which have become fragmented or even mutually suspicious.” (170)

“Spirituality offers a critique of attempts by theology to launch itself into some stratosphere of timeless truth or abstract definition. The way that spirituality ‘speaks’ of God is radically different from systematics. Theology needs to allow its explanations to be questioned. It will find that spirituality recognizes that what is implied by the word ‘God’ cannot be spoken completely. In that way ‘spirituality’ prevents theology from escaping the elusiveness that matters most – that of God. Spirituality ultimately drives theology beyond words into silence – not the silence of meaninglessness but one that, paradoxically, speaks of infinite presence.” (170)
It led me to seek out two new authors:
David Tracy – Roman Catholic Priest teaching at the Divinity School at the University of Chicago. Writes about pluralism and Theology
Michel de Certeau – French scholar of psychoanalytics. most known for The Practice of Everyday  Life.
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