Yes, it’s true. I’m sitting in a Caribou right now, typing on a tyPad keyboard on my new iPad2. A generous, benevelent donor gave me this machine to “invest in the Kingdom.” Wow!

I spent the last two days of school experimenting¬†to see if it really can work as an academic tool. The answer is YES. The key, for me, is the combination of the iPad, Evernote, and Penultimate. Evernote is an app that allows you to capture everything, store it anywhere, and organize it thematically. It’s perfect for research projects and managing class notes. Penultimate is an app that let’s me take free hand notes like I always do and seamlessly integrate them with Evernote. The great thing is that I now have color as an option in my notebook! In addition to that awesomeness is the fact that Evernote can do text searches through my handwritten notes pages and photos I take. Incredibly helpful.




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