My PhD World

This is what my world looks like right now. I’m in class for six hours per week, and then reading and writing papers for another 30+ hours each week. The stack of books on the left was for a paper I just finished on Hans-George Gadamer. The stack at the back is for a paper I’m working on that is supposed to analyze and critique the polity of the ELCA and then make a suggestion for how it could move to be structured missionally. The stack on the right has all of my textbooks from which I read a portion each week. In addition to these books, we have been reading a book a week and writing a six-page critical review of it to share with the rest of the class. Last week I got to do two book reviews–one for each class–in the same week!!

In one course we are developing a hermeneutical lens from which to become missional theologians and leaders. In the other course we are learning organization theory (110 years worth!) and applying it to church polity so that we can help the church discover missional structures for the future.

Fun stuff!

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