May is a transitional month. As the trees and flowers stretch their leaves to the warming sun we all stretch the kinks out of our winter weary bodies and start thinking about being outside in the warm summer air…finally! School winds down, sports seasons end, final performances are given, graduations happen, open houses spread across the calendar, and we take a step to the next phase of life.

In the midst of all these endings and beginnings there is one that stands out as a significant mile marker on the spiritual journey. Confirmation. This month over 20 of our high school students will carve out a moment in their lives to pause and acknowledge that God is central in their lives. They are taking a huge step from being a child who borrows the faith of their parents, to being a young adult who Owns Their Faith as an authentic core of their identity.

As the Pastor of Spiritual Formation and Youth Ministries it has been a real privilege to interact with the Own Your Faith students and their mentors over the past year. I look forward to walking beside this amazing group of students and watching the work that God does in and through them as they mature in their High School years.

For all of us, no matter our age and no matter how long we have walked with God, this season of confirmation is an opportunity to also take stock of our own life. It is healthy for us to remember that confirmation is not just a one-time ceremony that we simply tuck away in the back pocket of our memory. Confirmation, as well as baptism, is a continual state of being. These two events mark not a beginning and an ending, but two mile markers along the never ending journey of Spiritual Formation and a deepening relationship with God.

I encourage you to take some time this month and contemplate your confirmation. How are things going between you and God right now? Compared to last year? Compared to five years ago? Compared to your confirmation, however long ago that may have been? Where have you grown? Where do you feel complete and healthy? Where do you feel parched and dry? How will you stretch yourself and allow yourself to listen to God’s gentle leading?

Pray for our students this month. Pray for the confirmants and the graduates. Let’s be a body of Christ followers who encourage and support them on their journeys.

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