Yesterday I was preaching my fourth and final message for the weekend. I love preaching at the 10:20 service because you actually feel like you own the message by that point. Sorry to the Saturday night, the Sunday 8:00, and 9:00 crowd, but that’s just the truth.

So, anyway, I’m up there doing this demonstration where I asked a volunteer to come up and help me show how powerful people would strike their underlings on the cheek back in Jesus’ day. Three times I asked a guy to come up, I raised my hand, showed the crowd how I would strike him with the back of my right hand and hit him on the right cheek. Then I would ask the volunteer to turn the other cheek, my hand would come down on his nose and the crowd would go, “aha! Now I understand what it means to turn the other cheek.”

Three services, three volunteers, three “aha’s.” Great. Then I get to the 10:20 and ask my friend Stephen Hirt to volunteer. So picture it. I’m standing in front of about 200 people, my hand is raised, and I say “turn the other cheek.” Without hesitation, Steve turns around and bends over! How’s that cheek?

The crowd erupted in laughter. It was so funny. It took me a couple minutes to recover. Perfect! Thanks, Steve.

By the way…many people have expressed appreciation for the sermon. Thank you. If you want to read a REALLY good sermon on this text, go to That’s the real deal, right there. Thanks, Nadia!

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