We spent a lot of time this week discussing some fairly esoteric concepts. Today we will get nice and practical. In Peter’s first letter, he is speaking to a group of Christians who were experiencing severe persecution for their faith. They were being attacked politically by the civil authorities and they were also being attacked theologically by many false teachers. This last chapter of his letter gives some “marching orders” for how Christians should live under a time of spiritual battle. Since the battle has not let up in our own day, these words will be good for us to hear.

In 1 Peter 5:1-11 Peter addresses some specific groups of people. Make a chart that lists the specific groups to whom he was speaking and then list his instructions to those groups.

Why should Christians live this way? (v. 8)

How can we defeat this enemy? (v. 9)

What are some practical ways that you could “resist the devil” today?

What promise is made to the persevering believer? (v. 10)

Spend some time asking God how you can live a victorious life in this time of spiritual warfare. Thank Him for the fact that He has supplied the power that you need to stand firm and be strong in the fight.

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