My candidacy process has had a blockage for the past several weeks. It’s me. Part of the process is that I have to take a psychological evaluation. I get that. You definitely don’t want to ordain someone who is emotionally unstable (I could be in trouble). Here’s the problem. I thought the synod was going to schedule it for me and let me know when it was. I guess I didn’t read my packet well enough. They were waiting for me to make the appointment.

Once I got that straightened out I finally called the agency with whom I will be evaluated. They told me that I needed to fill out 8 forms and submit them before I could even schedule the appointment. Yesterday I finally carved out half a day to finish filling out all those forms. I wonder if part of the evaluation is to secretly observe how you respond to the fact that you have to fill out 8 forms, one of which took an hour to complete.

Now I can call the office back and say I’m ready to be scheduled to be interviewed. We’ll see when they can squeeze me in.

In the meantime, I’ve been pushed back to the February meeting of the candidacy committee. At that meeting I get theologically scrutinized to determine how Lutheran I am. That should be interesting. How I fare in that interview will determine the amount of seminary classes I will have to take over and above the M.Div. I earned from Bethel. I’m sure it will be significant.

Ever onward!

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