Romans 12:1-21

The key to this passage is the word sacrifice. The only way that you can renew your mind is to sacrifice your pride and admit that it needs renewal. The only way that you can serve as one part of a larger body is to, once again, sacrifice your pride and realize that you are incomplete in yourself. You need other people to compliment your deficiencies. Separated from the other parts of the body you will die. In order to love, you must place others higher than yourself, put your pride and your need for being right and your desire for revenge in your back pocket and simply give to others. When we sacrifice ourselves in this way, when we die to self, then we can truly live.

Notice the head and hands of the person who is on the altar in the chart of Romans. Where are they facing? They are looking up and the hands are open, as if in a symbol of surrender and acceptance. The only way to experience the fullness of the life set free is to give up the life of bondage to self that has become so familiar.

How do we do that? We do it by being transformed by the renewing of our mind. The battle for the heart and the will is fought in the mind. When we know the truth, when we are saturated with the truth of God and become convinced of its reality, then it will grab hold of our heart and transform our will. The heart and will are the engine of our behaviors. When the heart and will are transformed, then loving behavior will be the natural overflow. So, immerse yourself in God’s truth through the study of His word and the influence of godly teaching.

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